Much ado about nothing/noting

My English class has been set homework to; write a short story following on from our lessons on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing ( or some debate the title as ) Much ado about noting. We are to come up with a short story containing an sentence which we had to include in it. WE had to choose a sentence out of about ten, which was later narrowed down to around 7.

The sentence I have chosen is: I’ll tell him to forget her, she’ll just hurt him. There’s no chance he’ll win her.

So here is my story:

It was the last day of the school term before the June half-term and the next lesson was Geography and as it was the last lesson on a Friday, before the holidays, no one was going to do any form of work.

Ethan had been putting off telling Sue how he actually felt about her. Everyone else seemed to know about it, apart from Sue herself. But this time so many people had told Ethan that this would be the perfect time to tell her, and that he could visit her during the holidays, if she said yes. It was apparently likely that she would like him, but Sue was so shy and kept most secrets to herself it was just too hard to know for sure.
Ethan sat in front of Sue in Geography, and Ben who sat next to Sue was on holiday and so was Vicki who sat next to Ethan.

The bell rang, and it was now time to go to Geography, when a crowd of his friends were surrounding him before making their way to their next lesson, they were encouraging him as much as possible without over doing it.
As the last of the friends departed, someone who didn’t normally talk to Ethan spoke to him. It was Jenny, Sue’s best friend. “I know your going to, and that you would like to, but don’t. Forget her, your just thinking about the good things if she said yes. What if she said no? It’d destroy you, and the chemistry between you and her. Your quite good friends, that’s all, don’t ruin it. She’ll just hurt your feelings, to be honest there isn’t much of a chance that you’ll win her.” Jenny explained.
This changed Ethan dramatically, he hadn’t thought of it that way. He didn’t say anything but stopped to think, and then left for Geography.
In geography they were doing group work, and because Ethan’s partner wasn’t in and neither was Sue’s they had to work together, in the middle of the lesson of them discussing work, Ethan was debating with himself in his head. Some words would occasionally spill out. Then he would stop himself and rephrase the question to what he was going to ask. The first time he did it he said: “would you… Um like me to do that part for you?” That is basically what had happened throughout the whole lesson. Then the bell went, Ethan realised what the time was, but it was too late she had already gone.