When I was a lad (homework task)


When I was a lad– (By Bryan Adams 9Y1)

Year 2075 writing about my life in 2013

In 2013 when I was a lad I was around fourteen years old, you may think life isn’t easy today but believe me it was much harder when I was young. If we wanted something done we’d have to do it ourselves for example if we wanted to go to a friend’s house we would either have to walk or drive there if it was far enough, if it was close by we would usually walk as we would try to get some exercise. But if we wanted to drive we had to be at a minimum age of sixteen and we had to pass a test to prove we could drive the car/van/vehicle and these cars had wheels. If we wanted to go abroad the most common form of transport was plane, I loved being young as some people didn’t particularly like flying and I loved it but taking off, not so much. I suppose the fact that my sister didn’t like descending from the flight as it made her feel sick more enjoyable for me as I was trying to encourage her to enjoy it as if a roller-coaster or something (or maybe I just found it funny that she hated it).

I had lots of free time other than doing homework and going to school, I spent my time either; playing with my friends over the internet of Skype and gaming with them or out playing football. I joined Willaston wolves with soon became Willaston youth when I was in year 7 and was twelve, I thought I’d be awful having left it late and everyone in the team having past experiences but after the second season I think I felt as if I wasn’t out of my depth anymore as I was quick. I did loads of sport when I was young, so much I ended up damaging/pulling muscles often but I wouldn’t let anything like that put me off, I was too competitive to let someone beat me with an injury or without.

I also had free time to go out with my friends that I no longer saw as we all went to different high schools, through scouts we kept in touch (but if that was today I’m sure we would just sit at home all day talking to them) and through camps I’d be able to spend the whole weekend with them or even a week. We used to be able to manage the whole camps without any form of technology; I bet you couldn’t do that today in 2075

The technology we had we thought was amazing; Smartphones, Bluetooth, (or any other wireless device), 3D TV’s with glasses, handheld video game consoles with could be in 3D in some versions and without glasses was like a step into the future.
When I was fourteen Google glass which was like a hands free smartphone that would show you the images within the glasses, like a GPS (which we took for granted but was very useful technology) within the road you were traveling down and you were able to show your friends what you did by recording or taking photos and through the internet would be what showed your friends.
Being able to go into space was also a massive technology step; the furthest planet we discovered was Pluto which was debateable as not being a ‘Planet’ as such but in fact a ‘dwarf planet’. Even the simple technology that we took for granted if we thought about it was very complicated and just amazing like: Satellites, The internet, Televisions/TV. Satellites in particular were used in everyday life for the radio and were used for navigating to get them in the earth’s orbit was hard enough to do and the engineering/manufacturing behind it was INCREDIBLE!

We would actually meet up with each other, that was the normal was of talking to someone or organising something but when facebook and twitter we starting we knew that we were moving towards a world where we weren’t going to speak face to face very often. Especially when most people had a smartphone the internet was just a touch away from your fingertips, communicating with the world all the time or to start communicating within a second was amazing. Internet was getting faster as well the average speed was fifteen megabytes making audio calls or even video calls instant and almost as if they were right there talking to you.

I enjoyed reading action books such as the Alex Rider series as they really got me into reading, it’s a shame to be honest that books aren’t being produced anymore but I guess without the huge thickness of the book we now have more space.

Music was a big influence on my life with the friend group I ended up being with. At the time music created by computers was popular so basically anyone could sing if they knew how to remix their voice. However I was one of the different ones who were into rock music and the artists actually sung with very little remix. I listened to music on my CD player, it was the size of a disk but as I got older I listened to music on and mp3 player and other devices similar and we bought music other than illegally downloaded it but today we can download and listen to anything free without it being illegal.

I thought I didn’t have much time when I was younger but that was because I probably wasted it; I don’t regret the things I did in the time I had but I could have been more efficient. I also thought I didn’t spend enough time outside but from today’s standards I was a person who couldn’t get enough of the outdoors!
As a family we would try to get out more than staying in the house all day and go out for day trips, it’s a shame that it doesn’t really happen like that anymore as some of my fondest memories are from walks and day trips.

Life today doesn’t really give you the same experiences as it did when I was young; I’m not sure if today is better or worse! But we certainly had more of our time outside and face to face with other people, even if we did have access to the internet.


Much ado about nothing/noting

My English class has been set homework to; write a short story following on from our lessons on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing ( or some debate the title as ) Much ado about noting. We are to come up with a short story containing an sentence which we had to include in it. WE had to choose a sentence out of about ten, which was later narrowed down to around 7.

The sentence I have chosen is: I’ll tell him to forget her, she’ll just hurt him. There’s no chance he’ll win her.

So here is my story:

It was the last day of the school term before the June half-term and the next lesson was Geography and as it was the last lesson on a Friday, before the holidays, no one was going to do any form of work.

Ethan had been putting off telling Sue how he actually felt about her. Everyone else seemed to know about it, apart from Sue herself. But this time so many people had told Ethan that this would be the perfect time to tell her, and that he could visit her during the holidays, if she said yes. It was apparently likely that she would like him, but Sue was so shy and kept most secrets to herself it was just too hard to know for sure.
Ethan sat in front of Sue in Geography, and Ben who sat next to Sue was on holiday and so was Vicki who sat next to Ethan.

The bell rang, and it was now time to go to Geography, when a crowd of his friends were surrounding him before making their way to their next lesson, they were encouraging him as much as possible without over doing it.
As the last of the friends departed, someone who didn’t normally talk to Ethan spoke to him. It was Jenny, Sue’s best friend. “I know your going to, and that you would like to, but don’t. Forget her, your just thinking about the good things if she said yes. What if she said no? It’d destroy you, and the chemistry between you and her. Your quite good friends, that’s all, don’t ruin it. She’ll just hurt your feelings, to be honest there isn’t much of a chance that you’ll win her.” Jenny explained.
This changed Ethan dramatically, he hadn’t thought of it that way. He didn’t say anything but stopped to think, and then left for Geography.
In geography they were doing group work, and because Ethan’s partner wasn’t in and neither was Sue’s they had to work together, in the middle of the lesson of them discussing work, Ethan was debating with himself in his head. Some words would occasionally spill out. Then he would stop himself and rephrase the question to what he was going to ask. The first time he did it he said: “would you… Um like me to do that part for you?” That is basically what had happened throughout the whole lesson. Then the bell went, Ethan realised what the time was, but it was too late she had already gone.