My Blogs will be about anything.
and everything…

This is for homework competition so see who can get:
The total number of hits
The number of hits from countries outside the UK
The number of countries that have been reached in total
The number of comments together wirh other evidenced feedback from other people in other countries.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bryan,

    haven’t seen you for a while … Just read your comments about your guitar heroes. Have you ever heard of Walter Trout? If not, ask your dad – and check him out, maybe you’ll like him.

    Take care,

  2. Nice site bryan,
    If any of your veiwers want to read about some other interesting posts will you sugest : http://what1is1the1point1.wordpress.com/

    It’s bacicaly a site quesioning the point in things like cleaning your teath before going to bed, the US voting system and a whole lot more. Infact the last thing posted was all about why pennies should not be used.

    Hope you guys find it interesting, go check it out.

    Thanks James

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